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Some of the certification that we can provide for our products include:

EN 420:2004 is a reference standard that we use with specific regulations for our protective hand gloves. This standard defines the requirements for the design and construction of gloves. It certifies that the gloves are harmless, resistant to water penetration, comfortable, efficient, and labeled by information provided by the manufacturer.

EN 388: 2003 This certification applies to all our protection hand gloves. It certifies that the gloves would protect against mechanical hazards like blade cuts, abrasion, tears, and punctures.

UNE-EN 407: This certification specifies that the testing methods are topnotch and that gloves designed for protection against heat and fire are indeed high in thermal protection levels.

UNE-EN 511: This certification defines the testing methods and requirements for glove protection against conduction or convection cold. Cold may either be caused by industrial activity or weather conditions.

Please note that we can provide any of the certifications for you if required for any reason. Simply contact us with your need and we will be willing to meet it on time.