FAQ | Leather Gloves

Shipment often depends on the time of purchase and distance. In most cases, however, if you make your order before 3 PM local time, we will ensure that your order gets to you the next day. We ship mostly via USPS, except in situations where you expressly ask us to do otherwise.

All our gloves are made from 100% top-quality cotton. It is therefore advisable that you avoid drying them out when the heat gets intense. In the case of washing, their cotton material makes them safe in the water. However, we recommend that you only hand wash once in a while.

There are many options through which we can use to get your order to you. Contact us today to learn about the options and which one best fits your needs and budget.

Gloves come in different designs for different use. On our website, you would find a wide variety of varying hand gloves. Whatever your need might be, we have something to fit it. Browse through our category page now to find out the right products for you.

We've been in operation for years, all the while ensuring the delivery of top-quality hand gloves. Our hand glove categories cover all your needs. Refer to our product category page to see the numerous categories of hand gloves that we have in stock for you.

The time for hand gloves delivery varies, depending on different factors. We, however, assure you that we will tell you the exact time it will take for your order to reach you before checkout time.

As a team, we concentrate on ensuring that you get nothing short of the best hand glove quality. We've also formed a topnotch delivery team, to enable an excellent delivery process. However, we understand the possibility of goods getting damaged in transit. Refer to our returns policy page to see what can be done.

We are a firm that wants to serve a wide market as possible. For now, however, we’ve started by tending to wholesalers and retailers. Don’t worry, we are doing everything possible to ensure that we can accommodate more client base in the nearest future.