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Safety Standard

Welcome to Wholesale Leather Gloves. We are a top leather gloves dealing company that focus significantly on the safety of our customers and our workers. In our collection, you will find different hand gloves for a variety of applications both to enhance the safety of your hand and to give you comfort.

For every product on our collection, we guarantee to pay particular attention to ensuring that it is perfectly fit, as well as featuring the required protective class. If you desire for a glove that will protect your hands in the workplace or sports arenas, you can be guaranteed that our range of hand gloves are made to meet these needs. We assure you of keeping the highest standards in the production of each of our hand gloves. Be assured that you will not, for any reason, find any of our hand gloves lacking in the quality that we've advertised for it on our website.

At Wholesale Leather Gloves Online, a lot of our time is spent on trying to source hand gloves that offer the best as far as protection to your hand is concerned. Whether you are in need of resistance to heat, abrasion, cuts, chemicals, or punctures, you can be assured that we will do everything within our power to provide you the best collection. We strive to always be the best; hence, we ensure the provision of globes that reflects all our promises. We believe that one way to do that is by strictly sticking to all the available safety standards. Below, check out the tests that each of our gloves undergoes to ensure safety, and that it meets up with every one of our promises:

• Flammability Test: This first test subjects the hand gloves to flames. The test is to measure how long the gloves would continue showing an after-glow after the removal of the ignition. We ensure that the score achieved in each is favorable to the users.

• Contact Heat Resistance Test: All our heat resistance gloves are tested to conduct heat resistance. This makes them ideal for uses on ovens, bakeries, and other similar environments.

• Convective Heat Resistance Test: We ensure to run this test on our gloves to ensure that they last long enough before heat is transferred from the flame to the hand of the user.

• Radiant Heat Resistance Test

• Resistance to large splashes of molten metal