Terms and Conditions

Term and Conditions

As a store that is active online, we've compiled the following terms and conditions to govern how our site would be used by anybody, irrespective of the reason behind the visit. By continuing on this website, you agree that these terms will define the condition of your access to this site.

Please note that any action on this site shows that you've read, understood and agreed with every item in these terms.

As a team, we reserve the right to modify any part or all of this term to fit new policies without issuing any prior user. To stay safe, we advise that you go over the terms from time to time to be sure that you are operating in the confines of the terms of use.

Site Content

Every product shown on this website is a product offered by Wholesale Leather Gloves. Each description and picture displayed on the website is for clear reference to enable customers to make informed purchases. All our products, as offered on this site, CE certifies all present regulations regarding hand gloves. The site guarantees to show users a short description of each product. We try everything within our capacity to ensure that all information about our products is accessible on our site. As a team, we reserve the right to make any change to modify the contents of the website.

Site Usage

Users of our site agree that their operations are within the confines of the local state laws. We do not allow anybody to use our site for commercial purposes, except you get express permission from us. The team holds the right to block any user from having access to the website when they fail to comply with any of the terms therein.

Intellectual Property

This site and every other thing it contains are the express property of Wholesale Leather Gloves. We own ever logo, design, trademark, models, or text that appears on the website. Hence, no part of any visual or audio content should be reproduced, except with express permission from us.

Any infringement on any of the terms mentioned here would result in legal actions.

Conformity and Warranty

• Wholesale Leather Gloves online guarantees that the products on our site comply with the specifications listed on the product pages. The products also comply with all reasonable requirements of usefulness and reliability, all statutory provisions and government regulations.

• Please report any defect or mistake in delivery within 48 hours after delivery.

• If a warranty period is provided by Wholesale Leather Gloves online, we will ensure that it corresponds with the warranty period of all our partners’ platforms. Note, however, that Wholesale Leather Gloves online refuses to be responsible for all suitability of the product for individual applications.

Our warranties shall not apply if:

• If the delivery product or any of its parts has been tampered on by the buyer or any third party.

• The buyer or any third party has exposed the delivered products to any abnormal condition. Delivery and Implementation

• Wholesale Leather Gloves online would ensure to exercise ultimate care when handling orders.

• Each order would be delivered to the address provided by the buyer during checkout

Please note that we do not take any liability for damage in transportation. However, we've provided the necessary insurance cover to take care of such problems if it ever arises.